Enjoy your stay in our rooms. All of them have parquet floor, stone walls, wide windows with a beautiful view on the landscape, comfortable sommier beds and enchanting bathrooms. Each room is named after the view you see from the window.


Situared on the first floor. Wooden-beam ceiling, real stone bathroom; wide double windows with view over Marecchia river. On request two twin beds and a third single bed.


Situated on the second floor: comfortable and soft bed with wood and resin headboard. Its stone shower box with a glass wall that will let you see the peaceful hills of Valmarecchia and Talamello.


Situated on the second florr, it has a queen bed with a small table and a small armchair on which you can relax. A cosy and well equipped bathroom with a wide shower.


Situated on the second floor, it is the only room with an en-suite romantic fireplace. Stone, wood and glass caractherise its bathroom.


Situated on the second floor, the San Leo room is our biggest room. A wide bathroom with antechamber and many little niches opened in stone and wood. A big sommier bed, which can be split in two twin beds and the possibility to add one more single bed.

ANCIENT BARN (work in progress)

Beside the main palace you can find the ancient barn which we have been transforming into two doublerooms with en-suite bathrooms and private outdoor space where you can relax under the sun. These two rooms will be provided with television, unlike the ones in the main palace, where we chose not have TV.